Monthly Meeting May 2024

DATE: May 2, 2024 6:30 pm
VENUE: Maroochydore Surf Club
ADDRESS: 34/36 Alexandra Parade, Maroochydore QLD 4558
RSVP BY: 29/04/2024
TOPIC: ‘Our experience in treating skin cancer of the nose - We nose what we are doing‘
PRESENTER: Dr Colin Dicks

Dr Colin Dicks is a radiation oncologist specialising in skin cancer. With more than 20 years of experience in radiation oncology, Colin introduced the first superficial radiation machine to Maroochydore in 2017. Since then the demand for superficial therapy has allowed Just Skin to expand to into Gympie, Noosa and recently Toowoomba. Unlike other radiation, superficial X-ray therapy has significant advantages when it comes to treating skin cancer.

Colin now only works in the skin cancer field. He is happy to share his journey and his experience and the evidence for Superficial Xray therapy in treating skin cancer. His comment “why would you ever have your nose cut?” is a valid question and he hopes to provide evidence of the benefits of Superficial Xray therapy to the nose.

Apart from Just Skin, Colin continues to advocate for death education through his charity and.

TOPIC: ‘Psychogastroenterology ….. the new Frontier!‘
PRESENTER: Dr Jim Kantidakis

Dr Kantidakis is a Gl expert Clinical Psychologist & Gut-directed Hypnotherapist, and one of the first in Australia to use psychological /hypnotherapy treatment for individuals diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorders. Jim has extensive expertise and a wealth of knowledge in the area, with over 17 years of clinical experience. He is also the only known Clinical Psychologists to provide psychological and hypnotherapy treatment to children in paediatric gastroenterology in Australia.

Jim was also the first Australian to travel and undergo training from leading Gastroenterologist, Prof Whorewell and the founding gut-directed hypnotherapy team in Manchester, UK. He has since been invited to present at several gastrointestinal conferences and events. These include 2 Australian Gastrointestinal conferences, as well as the Australian Neuro-Gastrointestinal and Motility conference, a Continence symposium, and an IBD Nurses education event. Jim has also provided educational training to Gastrointestinal registrars, running a workshop on the psychological effects of Ulcerative Colitis to Fresenius Kabi drug representatives in Sydney.

Jim’s passion and keen interest in the area of gastroenterology has inspired him to develop and train his own team of GI-expert Psychologists/Hypnotherapists, under ‘The Gut Centre’. The Gut Centre offers multi-disciplinary treatment to help patients significantly reduce the symptoms and psychological distress of IBS and functional digestive disorders, including pelvic pain. Jim has also completed his Doctoral Thesis looking at the Psychological factors contributing to psychological distress and quality of life in individuals diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. His interest in this area has resulted in him undergoing training at St.

Vincent’s Hospital Public IBD Counselling clinic. Jim was so impressed with the benefits of the counselling program that he opened Australia’s first and only Private IBD Counselling Clinic.

Jim and his team at the Gut Centre continue to provide evidence-based psychological interventions, including gut-directed hypnotherapy treatment, pelvic health physiotherapy, dietetics, Gl Yoga and other group programs with the highest level of patient care.

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