SCLMA Monthly Meeting June 2024

DATE: June 27, 2024 6:30 pm
VENUE: Maroochy Surf Club, Alexandra Parade, Maroochydore QLD, Australia
ADDRESS: Alexandra Parade, Maroochydore QLD, Australia
RSVP BY: 24/06/2024
TOPIC: ‘WorkCover - the patient‘s journey : Myths and Reality‘
PRESENTER: Greg Spinda, Lawyer - Travis Schultz and Partners

Greg Spinda


Personal Injury Accreditation Specialist

Greg faced adversity at a young age which fostered his desire to help people who find themselves in deeply challenging circumstances.

Coming to Australia as a six-year-old escaping from the communist regime in Hungary, Greg understands the value of having people who believe in you, actively listen to your story, and give you opportunities to lift yourself.

This is what Greg offers our clients as a senior lawyer and compensation law expert with a specialist interest in complex and severe injuries and multi-trauma, including clients who are participants on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ).

Greg graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (Management) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2007. He continued to complete his Masters of Laws (Health Law) in 2019, during which he particularly focussed on issues surrounding the NDIS and the NIISQ, while simultaneously completing his Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation in Personal Injury Law in 2018.

In addition to his work as a personal injuries lawyer, Greg dedicates his time to various committees including the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) QLD, of which he has been a member since 2016 undertaking roles including President and Secretary.

He was the ALA’s representative involved in the 2018 five-yearly review of the workers’ compensation scheme, which led to significant legislative changes providing additional benefits to injured workers. He strongly advocated for and represented the ALA in collaborating with the Queensland government to introduce claims farming legislation in 2019 and 2022. Claims farming is predatory behaviour where vulnerable people’s personal details are obtained and sold to unscrupulous lawyers.

Greg regularly meets with the various regulators of Queensland’s Workers’ Compensation, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) schemes and the NIISQ Agency to advocate for protections for injured people. He has a strong passion for making sure injured people are treated fairly and our compensation schemes provide the best possible support, so he regularly prepares submissions to government through his representation on the ALA and has appeared before Parliamentary Committee proceedings to advocate on various issues.

Greg has been a partner in a small practice and has large firm experience, which has seen him manage severe injury cases where early access to the absolute best rehabilitation from the outset of the claim was critical to achieve the best possible outcomes for the client. This has been Greg’s passion – ensuring that at least the financial stresses of suffering an injury are not preventing recovery. Greg has a good insight into the legal profession from his experiences and aligns with the Travis Schultz & Partners community ethos and desire to bring fair outcomes at lower legal cost.

When not at work, Greg enjoys multi-day hikes, trail running, kayaking, soccer, reading and spending time with his family, both on the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches and in the hinterland.

TOPIC: ‘The Future of Spinal Stimulation‘
PRESENTER: Dr Peter Georgius, Specialist Pain Medicine Physician

Dr. Georgius is a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician and a Specialist Rehabilitation Physician and has been in private practice on the Sunshine Coast since 2008.  He has extensive experience in all aspects of musculo-skeletal and neurological rehabilitation and his scope of practice includes pain management and the rehabilitation of patients with complex conditions. He has expertise in advanced pain management procedures including diagnostic blocks, radiofrequency neurotomies, dorsal column stimulators and peripheral nerve stimulators.

Dr Georgius has expertise in complex pain conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) formally known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and employs the latest techniques in assessment and therapy, including neuroplasticity therapies such as Graded Motor Imagery. Dr Georgius is actively involved in national and international CRPS research and has several publications in the area. Additionally, he offers emerging therapies for chronic pain including Medical Cannabis and Scrambler Therapy. Dr Georgius established and is the Principle Investigator and Director of Sunshine Coast Clinical Research (SCCR) a research organisation that is involved in national and international clinical research trials.

After completing his basic surgical training in Melbourne in 2002, he went on to achieve his Pain Fellowship in Tasmania in 2004. In 2007 he went on to complete his Fellowship in Rehabilitation Medicine in Melbourne. In 2012 Dr. Georgius was appointed Director of the Rehabilitation Unit at Nambour Selangor Private Hospital and Noosa Private Hospital in 2014. He also provides consultant services at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.


  • Fellow of the Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (Faculty of Pain Medicine)
  • Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine)
  • Member of the International Neuromodulation Society (Australian Chapter)
  • Australian Medical Association (AMA)
  • International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

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