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A trial investigating COVID-19 protection for individuals with impaired immune systems

UniSC Clinical Trials is working with Astra Zeneca on a new trial for patients with an impaired immune system. The trial is evaluating the safety and neutralising activity of the investigational vaccine for pre-exposure prophylaxis of COVID-19 in participants with conditions causing immune impairment.

It will be overseen by Principal Investigator, Dr Robert Scott at the UniSC Clinical Trials Sunshine Coast clinic. If you have patients who might be suitable for the trial, we would appreciate your consideration of their participation in this study.

Investigational treatment for acute migraine

We have partnered with Biohaven, to conduct two clinical trials for a new tablet to potentially treat and prevent migraine attacks. Principal Investigator Dr Robert Scott, who will lead the trial at the university’s purpose-built clinic on the Sunshine Coast, said he hoped the tablet could provide a more effective alternative to other treatments.

Lead Clinical Trials Coordinator Catherine Bell said the team was seeking individuals aged between 18 and 65 years old who had been experiencing acute migraine (with or without aura) for over a year and could provide documented evidence. Eligible patients will have had four to 14 migraine days per month on average across the last three months.

Your assistance in helping us find suitable participants for this important study is greatly appreciated.

Medication for cognitive impairment due to depression

In collaboration with an Australian biotechnology company, UniSC is trialling a novel therapy for neurological diseases associated with dysregulated brain cortisol. The trial will seek to determine whether the study treatment can improve cognitive function such as memory, attention, decision making and language, in people with diagnosed depression. UniSC is looking for people aged between 18 and 70 years who have been diagnosed with depression, are on a stable dose of an antidepressant, and are experiencing symptoms like difficulty with memory, paying attention and making decisions. Please share the trial with any patients who may be suitable.

Breaking barriers in myopia research

We are delighted to share the success of a recent myopia treatment trial, where we not only exceeded our recruitment goals but also achieved a significant advancement by successfully recruiting a specific and crucial group of participants – individuals of Asian descent. The effort of our Participant Outreach team, working in close collaboration with community representatives, played a vital role in raising awareness of the trial within the targeted community, ultimately surpassing our goals. This achievement marks a significant stride towards inclusive and representative research. https://usc.edu.au/trials

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